10 Preparation Steps for ERP Implementation

When your company decides to implement an ERP system, it cannot be done carelessly. There needs to be ERP preparation carried out. because the ERP system is a long-term system, your company must ensure that the ERP implementation is able to work well and support the company's needs. Not to mention, if your company is unfamiliar with this matter, instead of helping, it will actually cause more trouble if there is no thorough preparation. So, below are several preparation steps for implementing an ERP system that must be understood. Come on, take a look!

Software Selection

Of course, when you decide to create an ERP, you must first know what kind of ERP software is suitable. There must be a lot of considerations, whether to custom make it or buy one that is already available. So it needs to be discussed first.


This is a discussion section with all interested parties in the company. The many criticisms and suggestions that come in will be very helpful. So the ERP creation process will be smoother and more controlled. 

Business Process Improvement

This is a simplification or improvement of business processes. Therefore, before implementing ERP, you must improve the business system first. Usually this concerns the overall business process, or the implementation of SOP (Standardization Operation Procedure).

Feasibility Study

In short, it is a feasibility study. Of course, this preparation is very necessary before the ERP system is implemented. The aim of this preparation is to determine clear final results through identification and opportunities. This could include analysis of constraints and problems, management commitment, budget allocation, aims & objectives, employee readiness, etc

Vendor Selection

Before deciding to create ERP software, you must first select which vendors are suitable to partner with. Don't make the wrong choice because this concerns whether your business will progress or not in the future. Never be tempted by promos or cheap prices. You must first check all the advantages and disadvantages of each vendor. Just match it to business needs.

Team Force ( Team Internal)

Jadi setelah pemilihan vendor, perusahaan perlu membentuk tim khusus untuk bekerja sama. Di dalamnya bisa perwakilan perusahaan, perwakilan vendor, juga beberapa pihak yang berkepentingan. Melalui tim juga kamu bisa mengecek vendor sudah bekerja sampai mana, sehingga pembuatan ERP ini bisa terkontrol secara baik

Expectation Management

Management expectations are important for creating a perfect ERP. Where you need to ensure whether what the vendor is doing meets business expectations and needs or not. Maybe it will change over time for certain reasons, but this still needs to be done.

Gap Analysis

Preparatory steps are carried out when the vendor has arrived at the final creation of the system. A special team will discuss whether it is good enough for business processes. The SOP system will be implemented in this preparation part. The features are suitable or not and so on. And when there is a gap, a solution will be found.

Trial System

This is the final stage of ERP. But still, trial system preparation needs to be done. A special team will look carefully at the trial. Is it quite satisfied or not? When you are satisfied and suitable, the software can be successfully implemented in the company.

Go – Live

If you have reached this stage, it means that the ERP system just needs to be introduced to all employees. Moreover, related parties. Like the accounting feature, company accountants will immediately learn the system. Likewise other features.

These are some of the preparations you must make when deciding to implement an ERP system. Well, I hope it can help you.