5 Reasons the Bonded Zone Industry Needs IT Inventory Software

Since 2020 until now the demand for IT Inventory software has increased. This is due to the Directorate General of Customs and Excise (DGCE) requiring companies in bonded zones to use IT inventory software if they do not want to be frozen.

Not only that, there are various benefits for bonded area companies that use IT inventory software. Here are some of them:

Reporting to DGCE made easy

The main function of IT inventory software is the reporting system to the DGCE. There are several reports that must be submitted by companies in bonded zones to the DGCE periodically, namely reports on the entry and exit of goods per customs document, WIP, scrap, and others.

The system will facilitate companies in bonded zones in making these reports. With just a few clicks, reports can be made and monitored by DGCE in real-time.

IT Inventory Automates the Procurement Process

Besides being integrated with the accounting system, the software developed by HashMicro has been integrated with various other software, such as purchasing, sales, warehouse management, and others according to company needs.

Integration with the procurement or purchasing system will make it easier for businesses in bonded zones to ensure stock availability is always maintained. Features such as low stock notification can inform when stocks are running low and replenishment needs to be done immediately.

Accurate Financial Management

It is true that there are many inventory software developers in Indonesia. But unfortunately, not all of these software can be integrated with the accounting system in accordance with the requirements of the DGCE. This is what makes HashMicro's inventory IT system superior to other software.

In addition, this inventory IT system also makes it easy to accurately record the company's financial condition. The creation of various reports needed by the company such as profit and loss, cash flow, and asset value tracking becomes faster and easier.

IT Inventory Software Drives Sales

Integration with CRM software is useful for increasing company sales in bonded zones. With the help of CRM software, entrepreneurs can better manage sales leads using the pipeline management feature.

CRM software is also useful to facilitate the management of the sales team. With the help of this software, getting the best sales leads and increasing the sales conversion ratio becomes easier to do.

Multi-Warehouse Management

It is undeniable that export and import activities carried out by companies in bonded zones are highly dependent on warehouses. It is not uncommon for a company in a bonded area to have many warehouses in a number of locations.

HashMicro's inventory IT software is equipped with warehouse management that is needed by companies in bonded zones. This software can simplify the management of multiple warehouses and monitor the movement of goods from one place to another in real-time.


At this point, it is quite clear why DGCE requires entrepreneurs in bonded zones to use an IT inventory system. Not only does it facilitate supervision from the DGCE, but this software also helps companies to manage their business more efficiently. SAP Business One is the best IT inventory software with complete modules. Find out more about SAP Business One "CLICK HERE"


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