A Quick Way to Master the SAP System

Learning SAP can be said to be difficult and easy depending on how we understand & learn it. Learning SAP can be done in various ways, the first is the desire to learn and the second is the demands of work which require us to master the SAP system.

Why does SAP have tools that are so difficult to understand?

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There are many ways to learn SAP, you can start by knowing what is SAP? Understand the concepts that SAP provides to help the development of small, medium and large companies. Understanding the SAP system is the basic thing you have to do.

Just like learning other new things, we have to know what media we want to learn and understand it first by self-teaching, then learn it practically.

The SAP system is a large system and has many complementary and core tools. These tools are difficult to memorize one by one, do it slowly and first understand what the tools are used for.

There are several tricks to master the SAP system quickly.

The following are tricks that you can apply to expand your knowledge in mastering SAP:


Practice is the basic thing we have to do to master what we want to master. Practicing 1-2 hours is highly recommended to deepen your skills regarding SAP. Many SAP trainers have opened YouTube channels and there are trainers who charge fees like private teachers. This way you can deepen your skills regarding SAP.

Actively ask questions

When you are doing training or being taught by someone, ask what you don't understand. Make conclusions in words that are easy to understand and digest. Note down what needs to be noted, one way to understand the material you are studying is to note it down.

Work at an SAP Partner or Company that uses SAP

Many companies have become SAP partners or companies that use the SAP system. This company is usually trusted to distribute and sell SAP in Indonesia. Jobs involving SAP are usually Functional, Consultant, Sales and Finance. This profession can be found in companies that are SAP partners.

High Curiosity

Having high curiosity can also speed you up in mastering SAP. It's not always negative, having a high sense of curiosity can benefit you in several ways, one of which is by learning interesting new things. This way, you will continue to explore, continue to learn, and ask questions to master SAP.

Try practicing explaining it to someone else

By explaining it to other people, it can sharpen your memory, apart from that, explaining what you have learned will hone your skills and the extent to which you understand SAP.

Understanding things you have just learned is easy if you do it wholeheartedly and can increase your knowledge. Learning SAP is easy because there are lots of tutorials on YouTube and free training. The many tools are a bit confusing and make your head spin, of course.

Do it slowly when you learn new things, keep practicing your skills to where you are. This is very useful for testing your ability to understand SAP to what extent. Don't do exercises that force yourself too hard. Do it according to your body's ability to learn.

Sleeping regularly can also help absorb what you have learned. Don't let your demands to continue learning damage your body and health. Learn naturally, just do your best when you do something new.


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