Add-Ons for SAP Business One

Add-Ons to SAP Business One?


SAP Business One is designed to fulfill the basic functionality of a business for most companies. Add-on products function to expand the basic functionality in SAP Business One. These add-ons are developed by experts in the field, and then tested to work with the application. With the addition of this Add-On, SAP Business One can provide solutions to meet all your business needs.

Usually, in determining the need for add-on functionality, the first thing to do is determine whether the business process you want can be covered by standard functionality alone or if add-ons are added. Then we look at all the available add-ons, either produced by others or made our own recommendations. SAP Business One add-ons are priced separately and typically require a license fee, maintenance fee, and implementation service fee.

Because basic business functionality such as accounting, sales, and purchasing is very well managed within SAP Business One, additional solutions tend to be focused on bringing specialized functionality to specific sectors. With the addition of this add-on, the company's business efficiency will certainly increase.


Below we will explain several SAP Business One Add-Ons that are usually added in the industrial sector, namely:


Popular Add-On Modules in SAP Business One?


Services and Repairs

·        Employee tracking system

·        Expenses Job costs

·        Milestones/invoice contracts



·         Point of sale

·         Credit card authorization

·         E-Commerce Integration

·         Cash Drawer Management


         Wholesale Distribution

·         Advanced purchasing

·         Inventory optimization

·         eCommerce integration

·         Bar code scanning/RFID

·         Payroll and benefits tracking

·         UPS/FedEx/USPS shipping integration



·         Material Tracking

·         Job Costing

·         Project Management


Manufacturing Process

·         Production scheduling

·         Shop floor control

·         Quality control

·         Cost management


Add-on lain seperti :

·         Payroll HR

·         Analytics and reporting

·         Usability and user interface

·         Data migration and integration toolsets


The following is an explanation of several SAP Business One Add-ons. This Add-on feature really helps a company's business function in determining its specific business needs. So that an ERP system owned by a company can be aligned with the company's own goals. Develop your business needs with us "CLICK HERE" for a FREE consultation!