Benefits of Implementing SAP Business One for Bonded Zone Entrepreneurs

Business Actors:

·      ·     Easier to manage inventory

·    ·      Make it easier for companies to produce information for stakeholders including DJBC

·      ·     The reconciliation process with customs documents is easier

·      ·     Obtain increased service in accordance with the profile and criteria for fulfilling IT Inventory requirements

DJBC (Directorate General of Customs and Excise):

·   Ease of providing good service

·      ·       Ease of reconciling customs documents with inventory movements in the company's IT Inventory.

·      ·   Makes it easier to profile companies.



The IT Inventory system is very mandatory for industrial business people in Indonesia to implement, because it has been previously explained regarding information on customs requirements, both incoming and outgoing goods.

Implementing a system such as IT Inventory is quite easy, if you don't have employees to manage the IT Inventory system. So now with IT Consultants like PT. Sistem Anugrah Prima is the right solution for investing in the long term.

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