Benefits of the PipeSys ERP System for Small Businesses

You probably started a business with one main motivation in mind, namely being your own boss. Running your own business has many advantages and challenges. Tasks abound from operations, payroll, accounting, and employee engagement to sales, marketing, strategy, and more.
With business growth comes a series of other challenges. What often happens is technology problems, usually there are a multitude of concerns which can be summarized as follows:

  • Your business software no longer fully supports your business
  • Having a mix of software that is disconnected and not connected to each other

This is the reason why small businesses are usually on a path that ultimately leads to ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. And below are the main reasons why small businesses choose to implement ERP software, including:

  • Reduce frustration and increase efficiency
  • Improve business performance
  • Supports growth
  • Gaining advantage over competition through technology
  • Save cost

ERP is business management software that allows organizations to have one system to manage business processes. This concept sounds simple, but it often isn't, and it can be a game changer especially for small businesses.
An ERP software solution is a series of modules that all operate in a single database that serves as the company's primary source of information. ERP is accounting and operations oriented, with modules such as inventory management, project management, human resources, supply chain management, and more. Other key business functionalities include sales, marketing, manufacturing, inventory, e-commerce.

A small business' priorities may not be the same as those of a larger business. Some small business problems that ERP software can solve include:

  • Manual Process
  • Little or no visibility into business data
  • Different systems
  • Lack of reporting and analytics


ERP solutions provide business insights, a set of tools that provide real-time reporting and analytics, the ability to automate manual processes and are simple and easy to use. Choosing the best solution for your business is an important step in the ERP implementation process.
While ERP software can benefit businesses of all sizes, it is not one size fits all. Some platforms are built to work better for large companies, while others are best suited for small companies or startups.
Smaller businesses will likely need an optimized platform to help with growth, while providing fewer employees multitasking.


Still confused about starting to use an ERP system for a new small business?

PipeSys is the solution, the PipeSys application helps you manage your company's business functions better and integrate with each other. PipeSys is a Mini ERP System which consists of various business management modules, namely product master items, inventory, stock calculation, purchasing, sales and accounting & reporting processes.
Equipped with an attractive and informative dashboard display, it can make it easier to make business decisions, as well as analyze purchasing, sales and sales team performance data quickly. PipeSys is suitable for distribution, simple manufacturing, retail, garment and service companies. PipeSys can also be customized to suit company needs.

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