It is not usually a cakewalk when it comes to the ruthless business market.  A win-win situation is few and far between. If you win over a deal, good for you! But in those unfavourable times you do lose an order, let’s be real. That’s always a possibility. In those cases however, SAP allows you to enter the competition’s name to whom, the deal was lost along with the reason.

The competition management feature of the CRM module allows you to write down who your frequent competitors are and the reason you lost the order. SAP generates a report which tells you who your top competitor is and the reason you lost your order to them from all the entered inputs.

The current software market has dozens of platforms to offer to merchants, so choosing which tool to opt for you should clearly envisage their potential and realize whether it matches with your CRM requirements list.  Why CRM at all one might wonder, CRM is an indispensable sales tool that excels at streamlining your workflow and providing effective interaction with customers, which will keep them satisfied and foster brand loyalty. Whether you opt for an off-the-shelf or custom solution, make sure that all modules necessary for the adequate performance of your company are available in the CRM you plan to obtain.

Once you settle for a custom CRM, finding an adequate developer is crucial. SAP Bandung, is a reliable company with the requisite experience and a seasoned team of specialists that can provide you with the whole gamut of software development and consulting services and deliver you the product that will let your company shine standing out among competitors.