CRM For SAP Business One Outlook

Strong Customer Relationships Equals Business Growth with SAP Business One

What's the number one reason businesses say determines growth? If you said meaningful relationships with business partners (prospects, customers, and suppliers), you're right! SAP Business One integration with outlook helps streamline the management of these relationships with a simple add-on.

CRM for Outlook enables sales, support, and management to perform critical SAP Business One tasks directly in Outlook, saving time and increasing SAP Business One user adoption.

It's not just about doing business with business partners; businesses must maintain relationships with them through constant interaction and building trust for productivity and success to be demonstrated.

Let me show you an easy-to-use CRM for Outlook Add-On for SAP Business One. One-time customers will not make a business successful. Gather a loyal customer base and solid relationships. With the CRM for Outlook Add-On, SAP Business One tasks will be able to be performed directly in Outlook.

Key Benefits of CRM for SAP Business One Outlook Add-On

Sell More: From lead generation to closed deals. Create marketing campaigns with SAP Business One Mailchimp. Follow up on sales opportunities never letting them go cold by creating and tracking their progress through the sales cycle.

Increase Productivity: interact with your business partners from the familiar Outlook interface. Access all relevant information about business partners in one place. Quickly manage activities, documents and reports.

Organize Your Work: Synchronize your calendar entries, access your task list and track your progress without box-selling widgets. Keep SAP Business One activities and Outlook calendar entries always in sync.

Improve Team Collaboration: link email communications to SAP Business One notes. Share files and documents using integrations with Dropbox, Amazon S3, or FTP.

Keep your employees up to date to company wide access to information in SAP Business One with CRM integration for Outlook.


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