Highlights: SAP Business One 10.0 FP 2111

SAP Business One, a digital ERP solution helps your entire business run more smoothly by touching all areas of the business aiding natural cross-departmental collaboration within your organization.

The latest SAP Business One platform update, Feature Pack 2111 includes MS Teams and Microsoft Office 365 updates as well as other exciting functionality. These features take the cake when it comes to remote work situations to help support the new normal for organizations.

10 Highlights of SAP Business One FP 2111

1. Microsoft Teams

A lightweight application package was added to the SAP Business One product suite. With this application package, you can set up the SAP Business One application in Microsoft Teams for your organization so that the Web Client for SAP Business One can be accessed directly by members of your organization in Microsoft Teams. Members of your organization can use all supported Web Client functions.

Different roles within a sales team, for example, sales managers, marketers, and pre-sales, can view all Web Client views directly in MS Teams to improve collaboration across departments and systems while working on the same business potential.

 MS Teams – Akses Tampilan Daftar Klien Web & Tampilan Detail

Additionally, users can view Dashboards & Charts directly in MS Teams to improve collaboration across departments and systems while working on the same business topics.

MS Teams – Access Dashboards & Charts

As a result, they can collaborate via chat and manage work easily and seamlessly without changing systems, thereby increasing productivity and performance, especially when working remotely.

2. Microsoft 365 (Outlook 365) Improved integration

New controls for sending emails directly from sales documents in the Web Client via a linked Microsoft 365 Outlook account. Users can review the final e-mail before it is finally sent via the linked Outlook 365 account. Additionally, a Word file with the exported document is attached to the email. The default text and subject of email messages can also be set in Print Preferences.

3. Increase Sent Objects

·    Supports "Reset" in home page group. Thus, you can reposition rows in Sales & Purchase Documents in "Create" mode, and in "Edit" mode in Quotes and Orders.

·    Automatic Allocation of Serial/Batch and Bin Locations for Outgoing Transactions. 

·    The "Notification Center" is enhanced to display notifications when a service call is issued to you as a user or as a technician. 

·    The Service Calls list view was improved to support “close” and “reopen” single/multiple service calls and the filter bar was enriched with additional fields.

·    The "Business Partner Addresses" view is added to the Manage Business Partners list view.

·    Business Card Scanning is supported.

·    The list view supports copying only a portion of a document's rows to the target document.

·    Draft watermarks are supported for draft preview.


4. Goods Receipt Supporting PO & A/P Invoice

The"Goods Receipt PO" and "A/P Invoice" applications in SAP Business One FP 2111 allow you to manage, process and create Goods Receipt POs and A/P invoices. Additionally, the “Create PO Goods Receipt” and “Create A/P Invoice” applications allow you to launch their respective document forms in “Add” mode to efficiently create new documents.

5. Support Payment

·      Incoming and Outgoing Payments apps are available, allowing you to manage, make and cancel payments.

·      You can make payments to business partners or accounts – a special application provides quick launch of the necessary forms.

·      You can visualize payment means related columns in ListView and include them for filtering options.

·      Sarana pembayaran yang didukung adalah uang tunai dan transfer bank.

6. View, create and update timesheets in SAP Business One FP 2111

·      New applications "Time Sheets" and "Create Time Sheet" are available.

·      You can view, create, and update timesheets for users, employees, or external contractors.

7. User-Defined Queries (UDQs) in SAP Business One FP 2111

·      The "User Defined Queries" application allows you to create, edit, preview, generate and delete user defined queries without parameters (update queries are not supported).

·      You can open a Query in a list view, apply filters, manage views, and save them as tiles, just like any other list view.

·      Queries can be used as "Data Sources" when editing or designing analytics cards on the Overview page.

·      User Defined Queries created in the Web Client will be available also in the B1 client's Query Manager.

8. Business Process Improvement

·      Attachments Tab

Added to the Bill of Materials (BoM) along with a new setting to determine whether to copy attachments from the BoM to the Production Order. Additionally, a new setting that allows to determine whether to overwrite attachments with the same file name is available.

·      Blanket Agreement Fulfillment Report

Enhanced to display four new columns: Cumulative Quantity / Quantity Ordered and Total Quantity / Quantity Open.

  • Query Manager

Enhanced to support renaming user queries. Additionally, you can edit user queries without executing them, just by using the "Edit" option in the context menu.

  • Support “Change Log” for team updates in Employee Master Data.
  • “Telephone” Field length increased to 50 characters.
  • “Foreign Name” field length in Item Master Data increased to 200 characters.

Improvements to attachments in document settings


9. Improved Analysis in SAP Business One FP 2111

·      New options added to the date picker to allow more date range flexibility:

o   Last X posting period
o   Next X posting period

·      The "Date Offset" calculation is enhanced to support specific months of the year, for example January, or days of the week, for example Monday. Additionally, the expressions "PostingPeriod: Begin" and "PostingPeriod: End" are supported.

From SAP you will see how to work with:

·      list view chart functionality

·      Analytical functionality with data card cubes and card designer

·      Overview screen

·      date offset formula

10. Extensibility Support

·      Supports displaying KPIs on extension tiles, MS Blazor by VSCode Template Wizard and API for new views.

·      Improved online help

See this document from SAP for more details on What's new in SAP Business One 10.0 FP 21110.

Additionally, this latest platform will help you update your monthly and annual accounts easily with a better client interface, better project management tools, and accounting methods. So, you can identify better ways to reduce your expenses, automate some tasks to reduce the burden on your team and increase workflow efficiency.

The entire platform is designed to ensure that the project you take on is completed flawlessly and you can find the best practices for project completion.