How to Create a Lookup List (Valid Values) SAP B1

How to Create a Lookup List of Valid Values for a Field in SAP Business One


In SAP Business One, you can create a list for certain fields, that way, users can choose from the list that appears without having to type it manually. For example, in the Business Partner master data there is a Foreign Name field, you want to add customer type data (for example: VVIP, VIP, REG).


This is the screen display before we add the lookup list (valid values) in the foreign name field:

How to create a lookup list for a field with the following steps:

  • Select the field and visit the "Tools" menu > select "Customization Tools" > then select "User-Defined Value-Setup" (or press the Shift + Alt + F2 key combination).


  • Once the User Defined Value screen appears, select the "Search in Existing User-Defined Values" option and click the "Update" button.



  • You can fill in the data needed to fill in the list of valid values on the Field Values - Setup menu screen.


  • Setting valid values has been completed. Now you can use Field Values in the Business Partner Master data in the Foreign Name field.