How to Find Active Users in SAP Business One

Are you IT Support in your company and want to update the system, and need to ensure that all users have logged out of the SAP Business One application? Don't rush, you can easily find out who is still logged into the SAP system from their PC-Client, SAP Business One has features to make your work easier.

Please open the menu: Administration? Utilities ? Connected Clients

As in the video, the final part of this video shows a user who is still logged in to the SAP Business One application. Namely the admin himself, if for example another user logs in then it will be visible on the list.

And, if it turns out from these results that there are a number of users who forgot to log out and they have already left the office, what should be done? Make sure again, after confirming with the selected user, that they are no longer using it at this time. You are given access rights to remotely disconnect selected users from a distance, namely from the server, by using the "Disconnect" button after selecting the user who needs to be logged out.

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