How to Lock Screen and Change Password in SAP

It is very important to always lock the SAP Business One application when you leave the office or leave for a while, because it is possible that other users can input data into the SAP system using your SAP user ID when you leave your application open. on the office PC/Laptop that you left earlier. These tips will certainly be very useful if you use a terminal server for SAP Business One Client.

To lock the application screen, it's easy, please go to the main screen, click File and select Lock Screen. And after that the SAP Business One login screen will appear.

Only Superusers and User IDs who previously 'logged out' with the correct password can re-enter the SAP Business One Client application.

Changing Password:

You can also change the password to access SAP Business One as often as you want to prevent other users from using your User ID for data security reasons.

You can visit the Administration menu > Setup > General > Security > Change Password.