Modules Frequently Used in SAP Business One

A company definitely has different needs, SAP Business One has many modules in it to make it easier for business people to adapt to their company's needs.

The following SAP Business One modules are frequently used:

1. FICO – SAP Business One modules

FICO is an abbreviation of Financial Accounting and Controlling or in other words the FICO module combines accounting standards for money or cash management, general leger, consolidation aimed at financial reports, as well as cost accounting which consists of cost center accounting, cost accounting elements, and profit analysis. .

2. PP (Production Planning) – SAP Business One modules

PP or Production Planning module. This module is useful for carrying out planning and control processes for manufacturing activities that occur within the company. In this module, there is also the entire system configuration, master data, and also solutions for the company's production process.

3. MM (Material Management) – SAP Business One modules

MM module to help carry out the purchasing process (procurement) and inventory management. This important module records these things every day. This module definitely integrates with other modules in the SAP Business One system, such as FICO, SD, QM, etc.

4. SD (Sales and Distribution) – SAP Business One modules

This SD module is used to increase efficiency and company operational activities related to buyer orders. This module can also be integrated with other modules such as FICO, MM, and PP.

5. HR (Human Resources) – SAP Business One modules

HR is an abbreviation for Human Resources. The benefit is to integrate all processes within the human resources department. This process starts from application or registration, employee administration, time management, salary fulfillment and many more.

6. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) – SAP Business One modules

This CRM module is related to the back-end of the ERP system. Apart from that, CRM is related to supply chains, business intelligence, field applications, and many others. The aim of this CRM module is to provide better information related to customers, besides that it will make the company understand how to make consumers satisfied with the company's services. Not only that, this CRM will also help improve service quality, resolve problems in a timely manner, and also improve better relationships with consumers.

7. QM (Quality Management) – SAP Business One modules

QM is an abbreviation of Quality Management. The QM module is usually used in the logistics sector to check the quality of a series of processes that occur.

8. PS (Project System) SAP Business One modules

The PS or Project System module is used to integrate all processes from project planning, execution and company control.

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So, just now was an explanation and types of SAP Business One modules that are often used by business people. SAP Business One also provides other modules that can be adjusted to your type of company. So don't be afraid if, for example, the modules above are not suitable for your type of business. So in conclusion, SAP Business One is ERP software that can be used front to end.

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