Preparation for ERP implementation

What is a good ERP system implementation process?

When implementing ERP, there are many things that companies must pay attention to. ERP implementation is a long-term investment and ensure that the ERP implemented is able to support needs and the vendor is able to support changes in the company's business. Therefore, good preparation is needed before implementing an ERP system. Below we will discuss several important components that must be prepared in implementing ERP, including:


1.SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)


SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) if translated into Indonesian is a standard work arrangement. In terms of SOP, it is meant as a system that contains the sequence of processes for carrying out work from start to finish. Its function and purpose is to make work easier, tidy and orderly. SOP will provide direction for company staff in carrying out their work. By having an SOP, all input data will be recorded correctly and become useful information for subsequent processes. The SOP is also useful for evaluating and analyzing company management in decision making.


2.IT System


Software, hardware and infrastructure must be prepared according to the needs of the future system, because without the support of a good and correct IT system, the ERP software that we implement will not function optimally. By having a good, appropriate and correct IT system, we have prepared the future for our integrated system which can support the company's work and growth in accordance with the company's targets for the next 10 or 20 years. Find out more about the methodology in implementing SAP Business One in the following articles Methodology in SAP Implementation and 8 Important Things in Implementing an ERP System


3.Human Resources/Users


Preparing adequate resources is certainly important in implementing SAP. Apart from the two things explained above, namely the IT System and SOP (Standard Operating Procedure), without competent human resources it will certainly make a system implementation difficult to carry out. So the next step that must be considered in implementing an ERP system is to conduct training for the project team. After conducting training, it is important to test user competency in the form of questions regarding matters related to the new system and new SOPs. In this way, we can know the user's readiness better, so it is easy to measure the level of user competence and readiness.





Preparing data for moving to a new system is often one of the fatal obstacles in implementing a new system. Usually when changing systems, users also have the hope of improving the quality of their data, or adding certain information for their reporting needs. Data that is input correctly is our main capital, because what we input will affect the output. Don't let "garbage in, garbage out" happen.

The things above are important components that must be prepared in ERP implementation. This is because it influences the success of implementation.