Reviewing the Types and Functions of ERP Software

As a tool that is often used by IT companies or startups, Indonesian ERP software has an important function within a company. This software also has several types that suit the company level. Before you choose which ERP software to use, it's a good idea to know what types and functions of this software are.

Types of ERP Software Based on Company Level

There are six types of ERP software commonly used by companies and corporate agencies. Because it has an important role in a company, choosing ERP software must also be appropriate to the conditions or company so that it does not cause losses in the future.

The first type is ERP Tier 1 which is the first level ERP and is tasked with supporting global scale companies and international affairs. This type of ERP is usually used in the fields of administration, finance, accounting, management, economics, and others. The second type is ERP Government Tier 1.

Indonesian ERP software at this level is tasked with supporting large-scale corporate agencies. Then, there is ERP Tier 2 which enters national scale companies and makes products for a certain region or country. The fourth is ERP Government Tier 2 and is included in the company.

However, this ERP focuses more on improving local products. The next type is ERP Tier 3 for medium-sized companies and usually includes companies that are still start-ups. Then, the last one is ERP Tier 4 which is specifically for small-scale companies which are often not considered as an ERP system.


Functions of ERP Software

ERP software has several functions that support companies or corporate agencies. The first function is to help the collaboration process, so that work in a company becomes more effective and efficient. The second function is to improve business performance which can bring benefits to the company.

Apart from that, Indonesian ERP software also functions to reduce operational costs, so that companies no longer have too large operational costs. ERP also functions to maintain the company's data security system so that it is not easily hacked by irresponsible people.

ERP also helps companies to plan their business more precisely and accurately. Business planning for a company is important because it is related to the sustainability of the company. With proper planning, traffic levels will also increase and provide benefits to your company. Are you interested in trying?

After knowing the types and functions of ERP software, now you can choose and consider using ERP in your business or company. By choosing the right ERP software, your company will experience many benefits and advantages from using ERP software.

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