We're all well aware of the entire feature set that SAP b1 has to offer. But what if I tell you there are some random Easter eggs scattered around that can surprisingly help you and amaze you at the same time? It may not be all that glamorous like the other hundred full tasks SAP b1 does, but it can definitely prove helpful in saving you a lot of time and effort.

Features you might overlook in SAP Business One

Unique keyboard shortcuts to save the day!

SAP Business One gives users the ability to quickly complete tasks using keyboard shortcuts, you didn't know existed. If you like using keyboard commands to perform certain mundane tasks, you'll really appreciate this feature, as it makes things easier and less time consuming. There are keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+J to immediately display the transaction log, Ctrl+Shift+You to find a user-defined field, Ctrl+Right Arrow to view the next document, and Ctrl+P to print and there are many of these.

Connect directly with other SAP B1 users

This SAP Business One feature is like an instant messager/chatbox. This feature lets you connect, share and chat with other SAP B1 users without actually having to know them, their phone number or email address. With the help of the 'share' button, SAP B1 allows you to share documents, data and information in the middle of your connection.

Customizable Business account drawer

Feature that many SAP B1 users have been expecting! With this new and updated feature, SAP Business One introduces an invoice box, where you can add specific tabs to wherever needed. This account drawer allows users to rename or add other names and categories for any tab. For example, you can go to the Assets tab and easily change the name or add another name that suits your business needs.

Create your own shortcuts!

If you are looking for documents or information, or looking to retrieve some important data, without going through too many windows and clicks, then the Shortcuts feature is perfect for you. Even most OG users and business owners are not aware of this SAP Business One feature. With SAP B1 you can add shortcuts. You can easily create your own shortcuts for easy one-click access to important functions. Programming them to perform quick actions like purchase orders, sales orders, etc is also very easy.

Universal Language Assistance:

Doing business globally requires dealing with different customers around the world, who speak different languages. To the surprise of even longtime SAP B1 users, this particular feature happens to be one of the most hidden yet useful SAP Business One features. However this is not really used very often. SAP Business One provides global language support so you can print documents and enter quotes, estimates, and more in different languages according to your business needs. This will also help if your business is entering international markets or considering a merger with another company.

Effective stock distribution:

Effective inventory management and accurate stock management are essential components of any company. Manually maintaining records of available inventory is not only super difficult and tedious, but also prone to errors and waste of manual work, time and resources. One of SAP B1's features is inventory distribution, which makes it easy to tag specific customers to specific inventory. This feature accurately shows the inventory report, which shows who has how much inventory and where it is located. This also increases the overall productivity and profitability of the organization.

Out of stock? No problem, change!

This SAP Business One feature is very useful and comes to save the day during stock situations. If a customer is looking for a product that is currently out of stock, this feature will provide a list of alternative products that match the search criteria. So, the buyer can purchase a similar product, but from a different brand, but at the same time fulfill the requirements.

Oh, there's more!

Not only this, there are many other overlooked features in SAP Business One. SAP Business One has a large number of other important, useful, and trivial features that many users may not know about. Here are some overlooked features that can change your A-game:

  • Sales Analytics Dashboard

  • Cash Flow Forecasting Dashboard 

  • Assistant Bot

  • Mobile Apps 

  • Drag and Drop Function

  • Automate Recurring Transactions

  • Improved Grid Expansion and more

Starting today.



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