SAP Business Technology Platform or SAP CP?

SAP Business Technology Platform vs SAP Cloud Platform which is better? This question is often asked. SAP is software that is widely discussed by business people and companies because this software can make business run more effectively and efficiently, besides making your company more productive.

This SAP becomes very agile because it offers improvements and new services to customers or partners. Many partners miss out on agility in the past, after which they lose contact and easily lose track. Many people ask whether SAP Business Technology or BTP is a rebranding of SAP Cloud Platform or SCP?


Understanding SAP BTP?

Before you know which SAP Business Technology Platform vs SAP Cloud Platform is better, it's a good idea to know the meaning of SAP BTP first. SAP BTP is intelligent and sophisticated software specifically for companies.

Companies can achieve agility, business benefits and create continuous innovation, creating value from data, integration, extensibility of all applications and databases from SAP. The point is that SAP BTP can create integrated offers. Apart from that, SAP will enable customers to use the functions and services of the technology portfolio flexibly.

SAP BTP will replace SAP SCP and the name of this service will be adjusted. This name change is not just a rebranding, the goal is to remove possible barriers to accessing services to create a common foundation for all SAP offerings to create an intelligent enterprise.


Uses of SAP BTP

To find out SAP Business Technology Platform vs SAP Cloud Platform, you can find out the advantages first. SAP BTP will replace SAP Cloud Platform so that the functions offered by SAP BTP are broader and more complex compared to SCP.

There are several functions or uses that can be obtained by implementing SAP BTP. This SAP can be used for suite integration. This SAP can integrate SAP and non-SAP applications, apart from that it can use BTP as a hub. Later this integration can be used via API. This will allow the architecture to be more loosely coupled based on APIs, messaging, or events.

For example, ServiceNow or Sharepoint, SalesForce can be integrated or applied with SAP Fiori or SAC. The simplest example is YouTube where CRM can connect to Drive via an open connector.

SAP BTP can also be used as an extension to the previous SAP Cloud Platform Extension Suite, apart from that it can be used for existing business functionality. This local and Cloud system has wider coverage, improvements and classic modifications to the ECC and S/4HANA systems. You can also add custom logic to the standard.

The extension that can be done is the integration of several backends to complement data. Additionally it allows different user bases B2B, B2C and access data and provides direct backend access. For the integration of 3rd Piak cloud services, for example Business Partner verification, you can improve the user experience.

Lastly, SAP BTP can encourage extension scenarios, for example creating a POC or MVP using the latest technology and can be used side by side. You can also keep your local system clean and functioning optimally.