SAP Industry Solutions

SAP Business One is a comprehensive solution that covers almost all aspects of your business including finance, logistics/operations, and customer relationship management.

SAP Business One was built for small to medium sized businesses. SAP can make it easier for your business to be integrated with each other or with other departments within a company so that your entire business process becomes "faster, smarter, efficient and responsive".


Benefits of SAP Business One for Corporate Business


1. SAP Makes Decision Makers Easier

The system runs reports at pre-defined times and the reports are sent to the relevant recipients.

SAP monitors and takes action on business events that occur. Then management automatically detects, logs, and reports exceptions with ease.

2. SAP Business One Software is Very Flexible

SAP users can define their preferences for fields, data types, policies, and reports without time-consuming IT involvement. Changes made to SAP apply automatically in all interconnected areas.

3. Has Good Financial Features

Business will be closely related to finance. A good business requires an appropriate financial system. Without a good bookkeeping system and financial reports, a business will not run well.

The benefits you will experience are handling all your financial transactions, including general ledger, journal entries, budgeting, and account setup and maintenance in one system, with comprehensive tools and reports. Manage budget creation, allocation and distribution. Provide budget tracking, reporting, and alerts that notify responsible users whenever transactions exceed monthly or annual budget limits.

Automate, integrate and manage all financial processes in your company with one solution, eliminating duplicate entries and errors. Close your books faster with automated processes and the ability to access accurate and timely financial information. Listen to the explanation regarding financial management using SAP Business One in the previous article, namely Financial Reports that Companies Must Have.

4. Has Complete Management Features

One of the management features is ordering and delivery. Management features simplify sales order entry by giving order takers a full view of an item's stock position across multiple warehouses when shortages occur. SAP users can automatically create purchase orders from sales orders and send them to customer sites.

The shipping function in SAP allows the shipping department to generate the required packaging documentation for all goods shipped to customers. The built-in packaging process facilitates the input of ‘virtual’ items into various packages during the shipping process. Users can save delivery tracking numbers and access delivery status in delivery notes with the click of a laptop mouse or online. The warehouse stock amount is updated automatically when delivery is made using the SAP program. See the explanation of the role of SAP Business One in Inventory Management in the article Ease of Inventory Management with SAP Business and Bill of Materials (BoM) in SAP B1

SAP Business One as a solution for the industrial sector


1.               Wholesale and Distribution



SAP Business One enables wholesalers and distributors to achieve new sources of revenue, reduce costs, and differentiate your business by simplifying digital transformation, supporting new business models and customer-specific services.

SAP Business One encourages wholesale and distribution processes by simplifying: Supply Chain Planning, Supply Chain Execution, Procurement, Marketing and Sales and Finance along with all other departments.


2.               Retail


In the world of retail SMEs which are very competitive and face various competitions with other competitors. Companies certainly need a clear vision or goal, planned business execution, and support for a strong business management system.

SAP Business One is the answer to system reliability in managing a company's business. SAP Business One is real-time so that all business decisions are accurate and informed.

SAP Business One add-ons combined with TRC Solutions' 30 years of retail industry expertise mean success and growth for your business.


3.               Production



SAP Business One provides integrated manufacturing and production functionality. By using SAP Business One all production functionality is integrated into SAP Business One's inventory, financial, and material requirements planning (MRP) features, providing end-to-end visibility of the production process from sales orders to finished goods.

Able to make the business adapt quickly to market changes. Designed for businesses of all sizes, SAP helps you accelerate innovation, produce high-quality products with high profit margins, and reduce costs. SAP also functions in managing BoM in the Production process, find the ease of BoM management in SAP Business One in the following article Bill of Materials (BoM) in SAP B1


4.               Services


SAP Business One is also designed for the services industry, allowing you to efficiently manage customer warranties, service contracts, and manage service calls.

SAP enables companies to drive new growth, deliver digital services, and become intelligent enterprises through deep industrial process expertise, next-generation best practices, and integration across the industrial value chain.


5.               Industrial Mining


Various types of mining operations and maintenance services have developed rapidly. Hiring processes, work quality, monitoring, access control, and payments to subcontracts are important challenges that need to be handled efficiently. This is the ultimate key to success of all mining companies. Good system maintenance can make it easier to estimate budgets, and make strategic decisions. This also serves to build an estimate of total expenditure based on the maintenance plan for each unit of equipment


6.               Farm Industry


SAP for livestock is quite useful because it can expand the company's network and monitor and control the running of the company.

The key to the SAP function for livestock lies in several parts, the first is about financial management where SAP functions to control and automate every company task related to accounting. So that the entire financial process can be controlled well just by using SAP.

SAP for animal husbandry can even be used to manage or supervise the daily running of a farm, you can analyze feed in terms of feed standards as well as actual feed or feed that is actually given. Apart from that, SAP's capabilities for livestock are also quite good in terms of analyzing livestock mortality rates. Vitamin use, body weight analysis and sales processes can also be carried out using SAP for animal husbandry.

SAP for livestock can also be used to monitor feed costs, even though the amount is small, the profits obtained are quite large. Moreover, as we already know, in a livestock business, feed costs are the largest expenditure when compared to other costs.

Apart from the industrial fields described above, SAP is certainly very suitable for implementation in various other industrial fields. That's the explanation regarding SAP Industry Solution. Thank you