SAP is the Best ERP System Recommendation for the Bonded Zone Industry.

This Bonded Zone is one of the sectors that can help improve the Indonesian economy because it can facilitate the production process of goods and industry. In connection with the Bonded Zone, there is a term Bonded Zone Facility, where this facility is given to industrial companies whose orientation of expenditure or sales for their products is a destination related to export and import or sold to other bonded zones.

The following are some of the facilities provided:

1.   Suspension of Import Duty

2.   Not subject to Value Added Tax (VAT) and Sales Tax on Luxury Goods (STLG)

3.   Excise exemption.

ERP is a business management system that can facilitate the management of integrated industries. Some business management processes can use ERP systems automatically such as purchasing, accounting, and human resources. But this also depends on the best ERP system software used.

The ERP system will also make it easier for company industry owners to control and monitor the coordination of each department. That way, ERP systems can be used from small to large scale companies.

Currently, there are many ERP systems that can be used, even many companies are confused to make their choices. As a consideration, they must use an ERP system that suits their needs so that this system can work optimally.

SAP is the right choice to help develop business in your company.

SAP information systems are perfect for manufacturing and service companies to integrate business processes. There are three modules in the SAP ERP system, namely Financial and Controlling (FI-CO), Material Management (MM), and Sales and Distribution (SD).

Before using this system, consider first because the costs required for SAP investment are quite large. In order not to experience a large enough loss, the owner must first consult with the right person. The same thing is also for updating the system.

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