Signs Your Company Needs an ERP System

Every business owner definitely wants their company to grow bigger. However, as the company develops, the obstacles it faces will become more numerous and complicated. How do you manage an increasing number of employees? How do you arrange so that all divisions can collaborate well? Of course, there are lots of things to think about so that the company can run well and continue to grow.

Here are some signs that your company needs an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system:

Cash flow problems

If cash flow is problematic, that's a sign you need an ERP system. Many business people go bankrupt because cash flow is problematic because expenses are greater than income.


Confused about stock numbers

Stock that is not recorded automatically will hamper performance and be very inefficient.


The project is out of control

There are many projects but all of them are not recorded properly causing business processes to become hampered. This must be avoided so that your business can continue to grow.


Difficult to find storage space

The importance of organizing storage order to make work more efficient.


Difficulty recapping payroll through attendance data

When there are more employees, it will be difficult to recap payroll through attendance data.


The number of items sold varies with the transaction and the proof

This means that the information is not real time and recorded properly.


SPK or Production Decision Support System is neglected

Production that is past the estimated production period due to abandoned SPK.

If you find the signs above, it's time for you to switch to using an ERP system. ERP is designed to make work easier and more effective and efficient, so you only need to focus on business processes.

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