The Best ERP Solution to Improve Your Food Business Efficiency!

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a software solution that helps manage your business processes. Not only making things easier, ERP software also plays an important role in the progress of the company by providing ease of use. The flexibility and structure of ERP software allows its use by companies in various industries. If we take a closer look in the context of the FnB business, we will see that this business looks simple. However, it actually has its own challenges. Compared to other business models, the food business has high fluctuations in terms of raw materials needed, depending on the individual managing it. Unlike other businesses such as manufacturing that have specific rules regarding their products. This often makes food businesses unable to optimize their profits, when these problems should be minimized. This article will discuss alternatives to maximize your FnB business.

Here are 5 benefits of using ERP software for your FnB business:


Facilitate the recording of goods in and out

Just like in any other business, a food business also requires various items to run its business processes. From production equipment, raw materials, to finished products, all these items are part of the company's assets. Many FnB business owners overlook the importance of recording these items because they consider it troublesome. But actually, recording goods is very important to avoid the risk of loss that can harm the company.

Recording these items can be simplified by using ERP software, as you can record them in an integrated and real-time manner. That way, the data can be accessed anywhere without the need to update various files or do manual recording. Moreover, in FnB businesses that often use various units of measurement such as kilograms, fruits, or if you have multiple warehouses, you no longer need to access the stock from different files or go to each warehouse, as all the information can be accessed through the ERP software.


Helps structured and automated accounting bookkeeping

Accounting bookkeeping is important in the FnB business. Many people consider it an unnecessary activity and a waste of time. However, accounting bookkeeping is essential in an FnB business as it provides information on the profitability of each product and enables optimization of the weaknesses in the business.

Accounting books using traditional ledgers do help in this regard. However, with ERP software, as a business owner you can not only do the bookkeeping in a neat and structured manner to find out the aspects that can be optimized, but can also do it automatically. As the business grows bigger, the recorded data is still stored to see the development of the business. With bookkeeping done automatically, the time required for bookkeeping can be shortened, thus increasing overall effectiveness.

Facilitate Calculation Requirements Automatically

Every business needs calculations to determine the profit or loss earned. In this case, ERP software can simplify your calculations, starting from COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) to profits recorded in accounting books. This feature will help speed up the company's process in reaching the break-even point, because effectiveness can be optimized. For example, without the help of ERP software, companies may not realize that the selling price that has been set is too low. However, with the help of ERP software, the company can realize this and increase the set selling price.


Facilitate the collection of data on the needs of used goods

In running an FnB business, you certainly need various ingredients that are important components in your product. One of them is the raw materials used in making the product. Often, in the FnB business, the use of raw materials is only based on feelings without proper measurement. This results in potential business profits not being maximized. On the other hand, if the measurement is done clearly but the recording of material usage is not recorded properly, there is a risk of loss that can occur.

Therefore, ERP software is here to help FnB businesses in recording ingredient usage. With this recording, the desired amount of stock will be directly deducted from the specified warehouse. Thus, in addition to optimizing the use of ingredients, recording can also be done to avoid unwanted risks. This will make it easier for the FnB business to develop further.


Improving Customer and Employee Satisfaction

By using ERP software, FnB businesses can improve customer and employee satisfaction. This is due to the comprehensive data recording feature, which makes services more effective. For example, by recording special projects, the company can see the advantages and disadvantages of the project as well as customer needs through the ERP software. This makes it easier for companies to meet customer needs personally. In addition, ERP software also allows recording employee salaries and progress, so that companies can easily evaluate employee performance.

These are some of the benefits of ERP software for FnB businesses that will significantly simplify company operations and increase the satisfaction of all parties involved.

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