The Bin Location feature in SAP Business One makes warehouse management more efficient

Stock management in the warehouse is very important considering that there are so many items that must be managed so that business processes can also run smoothly. SAP Business One has a bin location feature to help companies meet their inventory and production management requirements. Bin location allows users to set up stock in the warehouse to better manage stock.

Bin location is a feature that helps users to record the layout structure of an item or stock in the warehouse. Bin Location has a map-like function that shows the location of certain items. SAP Business One can not only record all warehouses owned by the company but also can record the smallest unit of an area in the warehouse.

Bin Location Function

  • Significantly has the function and benefit of reducing picking time due to its clear placement.

    • Facilitate & support picking requirements and processes. So users can know the address and clear location of stock or inventory in the warehouse.

      • Real time position of each inventory. Stock or empty items will be immediately detected in real time.

      • Faster and more accurate inventory calculations.

        Set Bin Location in Warehouse


        To enable bin locations in the warehouse, select the Enable Bin Locations check box on Tap General After activating Bin Location, next:

        1.   Tap Bin Location will appear

        2.   All related rules regarding Bin Location are on this tab

        3.   Determine the Bin Location you need

        4. The enable Bin Location check box can be unchecked at any time as long as there are no location transaction bins and no bin location codes are created (except for System Bin Location codes)

        5.  Any Warehouse Sublevel Codes defined in the system will be saved and available once the bin location is activated again

        Now you understand how bin location works, right? No need to worry anymore if stock is scattered and messy, especially if it is lost. Because there is already a bin location that can manage stock in your warehouse. As one of the features in SAP Business One, bin location is one of the superior features that is interesting and has many benefits.

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