The Importance of Implementing an ERP System in Business

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is an integrated information system designed to automate business processes from financial reports, sales, to operations. In other words, ERP is an integrated solution that manages every function between departments so that business processes can run well.

Then why is an ERP system needed in business? ERP solutions allow companies to streamline and automate business processes, which can result in higher accuracy in decision-making and greater efficiency in overall business operations. 

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is designed to support companies to increase work productivity. Only with ERP, data that was previously processed manually, is now automated on the system.

Advantages of ERP system

1. Makes productivity increase
No need to process data manually which takes a long time. With an ERP system, you can process data automatically and directly integrated, making work more efficient and increasing productivity.

2. Transparency
ERP systems provide transparency to all users, minimizing the possibility of fraud in the business.

3. Integrated
ERP systems can integrate one division with another so that business processes can run well and minimize the occurrence of human errors and all divisions can run and collaborate well towards the success of a company.

4. Can support the development of the company
Companies will continue to grow bigger and ERP systems can keep up with the changes. ERP can support business processes from light to complex.

5. Basis for decision making
Because the data presented is accurate and real-time, ERP systems are suitable for basic decision making. ERP systems can also do good planning to help company management from human resources to raw materials.

ERP systems that can support business processes are SAP Business One & SAP Business ByDesign. Specialized for Medium to Large Enterprise companies, making these two SAP products an advantage and the right choice to become an ERP system for companies in Indonesia.

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