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Previously, what is UI/UX?

UI is User Interface (UI) or User Experience (UX) or better known as the appearance on an application or website.

It's no longer a secret, the human eye is accustomed to colors that are cool and have an appearance that is pleasing to the eye. It's not uncommon for applications to be first created because of their function, not because of their appearance.

The appearance of an application that is pleasing to the eye is a plus for its users. The SAP system was created to help companies because it has various functions and can see many modules.

The modules displayed by SAP are also very numerous and can be used by all companies. The completeness of this module is prioritized by SAP not to be pleasing to the eye but to prioritize functions that can help many parties. There is only a color difference if you use SAP X, Dark Mode is available. More contemporary and elegant in appearance.

In totalizing its functions, SAP sacrifices UI/UX or appearance for SAP users. This display, which is quite difficult to understand, makes data breaches rare in the SAP system.

The famous nickname for SAP is Satan Aja Dizzy. Users who often open SAP don't necessarily understand all the tools that SAP provides. Moreover, new users who only see the SAP display? You can imagine the dizziness.


SAP Business One Dashboard

It's not as complicated as you might think, as the tables are lined up and the accuracy in entering this data means we have to be careful when entering data. The result we get from the completeness of this data is that if one day you experience problems and are hampered because the data obtained is unclear, you can check it again in the SAP database.

All activities you carry out in SAP are recorded and have digital proof. The name of the computer you use to open SAP is also registered in the system and its database. The size of one data that has been input into the SAP system can reach hundreds of GB or even hundreds of TB. Therefore, there is very little possibility of fraud that can be committed.

To use SAP, training is usually carried out for 3 months for employees who will use the SAP system. There have been many SAP training courses opened by other SAP experts.

Having a strong mentality, patience and a high willingness to learn is one of the keys to holding SAP. Large companies usually don't place much importance on the appearance of the SAP system. What's important is that the company's SOP runs smoothly and there are no obstacles at all. The modules displayed by SAP are also very numerous and can be used by all companies. Completeness of modules is given priority by SAP.

Using the SAP system, it can be accessed only via the internet, you can work anywhere and at any time. Many customers have used the SAP system and say that this system really helps the company run smoothly and safely.

The SAP system is suitable for your company that prioritizes document confidentiality or is afraid of leaking information that the company has created. With guaranteed security, the SAP System continues to utilize the latest technology and develop the system to be better.

The conclusion is that the SAP system was created to prioritize its function rather than the appearance of the UI/UX. To meet these needs, SAP created a system with the best quality.


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