Tips for Choosing an IT Inventory System for Bonded Zone Companies

If the company is in a bonded area, of course you have to be more careful in choosing the inventory management software that will be used as a management system. However, you as a businessman or employee who is given responsibility for developing an IT Inventory (Export - Import) system no longer need to worry.

Because in the case of this article, SAP Bandung will provide a few tips on choosing an IT Inventory system for your company located in a bonded zone (KB) / Bondede Zone.


Tips for Choosing IT Inventory for Companies

From the description above, you should already know the criteria for an IT Inventory application that is in accordance with the government. You need to pay attention to this because the government reports that there are still many inventory applications that do not meet the criteria above.

Therefore, tips for choosing IT Inventory are a must for the sustainability of your company in the future.


1. Recognize the Company's Inventory Challenges

There is a lot of IT Inventory software that doesn't produce anything because you as a company owner are unable to analyze the challenges. So that it doesn't go to waste, you of course have to recognize the inventory challenges for your company.

This of course will make it easier for you to provide services to provide solutions for your inventory. So before choosing IT Inventory software, you must first know your company's inventory challenges.


2. Software must be integrated

Bonded zone companies must have integrated software, especially with customs. Because the process of importing and releasing goods, the government must know about it.

However, the integrated software cannot be tracked by random people. You can arrange it so that it is more efficient and your company's visibility will be maintained.


3. Know how to use the software

IT Inventory software will make it easier for you to track goods. There are many tracking methods used, starting from barcode scanners, serialization, RFID tags, and so on. Choose a tracking method that suits you.

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