The whole order management ordeal is always a mess. Ensuring a fast, safe and foolproof delivery process on the promised date for distribution businesses has become more tedious than ever. To add to the misery, Customers can be cruel and unforgiving when it comes to order delivery. They want very fast delivery for little money and are unsympathetic to delays. But who's to judge, when we all wait for delivery over the phone and door whether it's food, fashion or convenience.

Having said that, let's dive deeper into why the order entry to shipping process is so difficult apart from demanding and impatient customers and how to overcome it.


Competing with rivals in itself is not easy by any means, but imagine going up against an established giant in the market that promises same-day delivery and actually delivers. With the ongoing pandemic, like most things, every trade, every sale has gone online. This has created an immediate urgency in e-commerce and has pushed every industry to move online. For industries used to doing business online, this doesn't change much, but for distributors used to doing business offline, all these sudden changes can be too much. The process of tracking an order from placement to delivery can be tedious and time consuming.


Many things have changed since the pandemic but imagine having to go through multiple checkpoints and various order entry points that have been shuffled, closed, moved or changed. It may take longer than usual to organize orders, follow up on orders, and ensure safe delivery. Additionally, if a distribution business happens to use a variety of different systems for warehouse management and logistics, these should all be interrelated and have clear communication. Without clear communication, you have to keep entering, re-entering, and repeating certain information over and over again, which already exists elsewhere. If you find that sentence confusing, imagine doing it in reality.


Small businesses don't have the luxury of using high-end accounting applications. Unfortunately this may end up in a lot of manual work, expensive mistakes, overworked employees, incorrect deliveries, and dissatisfied customers. These costly mistakes will take your valuable time and resources to resolve.


So how does one deal with all this? The answer is simple. Get digital! SAP Business One is an intelligent ERP that will make the order entry to delivery process smooth and less complicated. Inventory and warehouse data is updated in real-time with SAP Business One, enabling you to gain accurate and timely information and insights, enabling you to fulfill customer orders on time. The entire process is transparent and just a few taps away. This may be a bit of an exaggeration but think of it as modifying or speeding up existing processes with integrated technology.



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