Understand these criteria before choosing the right SAP Business One partner

PRIMA ANUGRAH SYSTEM – Indonesia is one of the target countries for implementing SAP which has quite large potential. Considering that currently Indonesia is still a developing country that continues to carry out digital transformation to become a developed country in the future, including in the industrial sector. The presence of SAP itself has been welcomed by Indonesia since the 90s, where its first users were the manufacturing industry.

Currently in Indonesia itself there are thousands of Indonesian SAP Partners. For you, it may be quite difficult to determine which partner is best for your company. You may need some of the following guidance to determine the best SAP partner for you.

SAP Partner Indonesia Criteria that You Must Know

Before deciding which SAP partner company you will choose, it would be a good idea for you to consider the following things.

·        SAP Partner Company Status

It is important for you to know the status of the SAP partner you will choose. You can look for official information from their website. Usually SAP partners will explain the status they have. For example, SAP Bandung which currently has SAP Business One Gold Partner status.

By knowing what status the SAP partner company has, you can compare it with the status of other service providers. Comparison is always needed when you want to make a decision.

·        How do the experts work behind it?

Although this is difficult to detect personally, you can judge it from the work ethic displayed. A quality SAP Partner Indonesia will generally be supported by a team that is professional, agile, solution, experienced and has a good understanding of the business.

You can also see all of these criteria when conducting the first consultation before finally agreeing to a cooperation contract with the SAP partner. If the partner permits, you can also ask for the CV of each partner team personnel for you to examine in more depth.

·        Security Guarantee and Compliance with Government Regulations

Because you are running a business in Indonesia, you must also comply with all the laws and regulations implemented in this country. That means, choosing an Indonesian SAP Partner that complies with government regulations is also important. Apart from that, guaranteeing the security of company data is also very important because it concerns the future of your company.

Choose an SAP partner who has a strong data center network, so that later during the SAP implementation, the company can access all types of data safely, quickly and the reporting obtained is also consistent across all branches.

·        Services provided by SAP Partner Indonesia for your company

A quality SAP partner will provide complete and continuous service for your company. Starting from strategic planning, SAP implementation to support. Support here includes expert support, technical support, software maintenance, workforce training, SAP service updates and so on.

All of these services will be provided by professional SAP partners, of course as long as your contract is still running.

Benefits of Using a Professional SAP Partner

There are various benefits you can get if you choose professional and quality SAP partner services, including:

  • Get full access to SAP and its developments.

  • Can minimize your company's current and future business risks.

  • You will get full support from your partner, from professional expert support to other technical support.

  • You can consult with experts to find the best solution for your business development.

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