Usability of B1 Print and Delivery Package (B1UP)

Customize and Automate SAP Business One with Usability Pack B1

Looking for ways to increase employee productivity on SAP Business One? We have the solution for you! The B1 Usability Package, or simply B1UP, is an award-winning solution designed to easily customize and automate SAP Business One, making it ready to take on the most diverse scenarios and challenges. Data validation rules? Customized workflows? Need to optimize the entire document handling process? And much more? Check, check, check! You got it!

Please give me some time to show you how customizing and auto-organizing your processes in SAP Business One to your specific needs can greatly improve your employees' productivity.

Key Benefits of B1 Usability Print and Delivery Package

Ensure data quality: data quality is critical to the flow of information in a system, and incorrect data can drastically affect business operations and decision-making. Create validation rules to ensure that critical data is correct, use templates to enter data quickly and without errors, easily apply bulk updates to master data documents and records, and more.

Improving user experience: User expectations of enterprise software have increased substantially. Easy-to-use applications designed for mobile devices have made users seek a smoother interaction with the solutions they use at work. Make every window in SAP Business One fit the needs of every user, guide and inform users through personalized system messages, improve system navigation with custom buttons and right-click menus, make SAP Business One smarter with 50+ out-of-the-box usability tweaks and more.

Optimize your work: use customization and automation to create better, more efficient and streamlined busi-ness processes. Set up triggers and conditions to define your business rules, design macros to eliminate manual tasks or run system tasks on a scheduled basis, exchange files, run external applications and connect SAP Business One to other systems and interfaces, assign automated activities and internal messages to team members and much more.

Make better decisions: data is the foundation of your organization's most important asset: Information. Being data-driven about your customers, business performance and organizational effectiveness gives you confidence in making the right decisions. Centralized cockpit of interactive widgets that allow you to analyze current information and make accurate, data-driven decisions. Web access is also available, display your data in attractive and colorful graphs, and pop-up dashboards, create your own fully customizable reports based on HANA or SQL and view, print or save Crystal Report-based layouts.