Weaving automation in SAP B1 with Smart Scales

A pioneer in handmade carpets for individuals, luxury hotels and large corporations, ARTCO, worked with MERIT to seamlessly implement SAP Business One and automate all business processes. Now ARTCO is fully recognized in Morocco, and abroad, with its authenticity, creativity and uniqueness.

A bit of history before SAP: Challenges

·        ARTCO cannot synchronize different business management modules within the company, thereby wasting time.

·        Manual management leads to errors across clocking, shipping and inventory.

·        New software is needed that is responsive and able to adapt to ever-increasing demands.

The solution is Digital Core:

·        SAP Business One can coordinate all ARTCO activities by ensuring information flows smoothly between departments.

·        SAP Business One enables real-time tracking of sales orders from production to delivery.

·        MERIT had a great understanding of SAP, and proposed an innovative solution based on IoT, which they could integrate into sap Business One.


Intelligent Enterprise Concept:

Artco produces and sells carpets in large quantities to B2B and B2C. As a result they have to manage large volumes of raw materials in their factories. For example wool variety, style, color, thickness, length etc.

For this purpose they decided to use smart scale sensors to automate, speed up and make the production process the most accurate possible.

This IoT solution has been implemented by SAP Partner MERIT who ensures their customers use the advantages of technology to achieve better business value.


How does it work?

IoT smart scale processes have been integrated into carpet production in SAP Business One thanks to sensors:

Scale of clutch and wool consumption by color and by Production Order stage:

Scale and Wool Return clutch with color and phase of Production Order:

A snapshot of the technical architecture: