What is SAP

Maybe in your daily life, you often hear SAP. However, do you know what SAP is? For those of you who have a job in a company, you will definitely understand, especially if you enter and are involved in that field.

To answer your curiosity, here we will discuss several things about what SAP is so that you can have a basic idea. Thank you if you can understand the general picture. However, here we will only discuss the meaning as a basic knowledge for you:

An abbreviation for SAP

Before going further into the material, it would be better if you first know the abbreviation for SAP itself. SAP is an abbreviation of S which stands for System, A stands for Application, P stands for Processing. Even though it is an abbreviation, it uses a conjunction, namely and or in Indonesian it means and.

So if combined it will read System Application and Processing. Which in Indonesian means System, meaning system, Application, meaning Application, and, meaning and, and Processing, meaning processing. So, in Indonesian it will read like this: System Application and Processing.

Basic understanding of SAP

If you already know the abbreviation for SAP, then you definitely understand what the basic meaning is, right? Yes, SAP has a basic understanding as an application that has the function of processing a system very easily. This application is in the form of software so it is very sophisticated and can do work automatically with the system without the help of human power.

SAP is a software that can be obtained from several companies that provide it. SAP can be used to process a lot of data which must be integrated to become one and complete data so that it can be used and analyzed very easily by the owner of the requirements.

General understanding of SAP

Meanwhile, if SAP is generally understood as software or what we usually call software, it is an application that can integrate different things but is integrated into one whole. SAP also carries out integration between one another so that if there is a change it can automatically change the system without having to do it manually.

SAP is an application that is widely used by large entrepreneurs who have many divisions and various complex operations so that matters are easier and quicker to complete. This is due to several things that are well integrated in one system.

Understanding SAP for Companies and Business

After you know several things about what SAP is from various points of view, the most important thing is the meaning of SAP for companies and businesses. It is in the world of companies and businesses that SAP is used en masse. Various companies, both small and large, use SAP as a tool to carry out various ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning operations.

The use of SAP is very synonymous with companies because it has a lot of complex work that must be completed properly and correctly so that it can become a system that is synergistic with one another. With this synergistic system, analyzing a job will be easier for companies to do.


Understanding SAP (System Application and Processing) is an application in the form of software or software which is commonly used by companies. SAP is used to simplify various company jobs which are very complex and consist of several divisions and work.

This application has the advantage because it can help the company's work and in the business world better than using conventional workforce. The above are several things that can answer your curiosity about what SAP is so that you are no longer confused. Hopefully this very little knowledge can be useful for you and everyone who reads it.