What is the IT Inventory Application required by BEA Cukai?

IT Inventory is an information system designed for companies to manage inventory. The system will be integrated with the entry system, goods usage transactions, and goods expenditure transactions.

For those of you who don't know it yet, you should know the characteristics of IT Inventory that have been implemented by customs.

There are 5 Characteristics of Customs Bonded Zone Inventory IT Application

Actually, there are many characteristics of IT Inventory that you should know if your company wants to upgrade. But the characteristics below are enough to make your Industrial company effective and efficient.

1. System Operates Well

A company must have a software system that can be accessed by many people. Especially if your company is already large-scale, the software used must have a very strong system.

If you have a company like this, the software used must be accessible all the time (24 hours). Because maybe your company will also continue to operate throughout the day and night. The software will continue to be used by your employees even if it is not by the same person.

Software that can be accessed for 24 hours will also not be enough if it is often subject to downtime. That way the software you use must also have a quality server, so that the system runs well.

2. Accessible by Customs

In addition to being accessible to employees and related parties, your company's software must also be accessible to Customs both central and customs area. However, Customs will not know in detail about your company's transactions.

Customs will only monitor the transaction documents. Customs will monitor transactions in and out of goods and the use of goods. This is of course very useful for your company's profits to be monitored.

3. IT Inventory Category A

IT Inventory is categorized into 4 types, namely A, B, C, and D. If your company is already large-scale, IT Inventory category is a must because the system is integrated with both company parties and Customs.

Companies in Bonded Zone that use IT Inventory category A will only have one software. The software is used to record bookkeeping as mentioned above.

4. Safe and Optimized System

An IT Inventory system that runs mediocre is certainly lacking in excitement. It's useless if the software can be accessed 24 hours and rarely has downtime if it doesn't work optimally. You as a company owner, of course, want a bigger 'profit' than before.

Of course, modern and complete software must also be balanced with human resources. Because good software is useless if it is not managed properly, so it is not controlled.

Besides being optimal, the IT Inventory software you use must also be safe. The software used by your company should not have any interference from people who are not involved. Especially if your company's secrets can really be broken into.

5. There is a System Log

Another requirement that IT Inventory must have is that it must have a system log page. This feature will record the database, so you can find out who has done activities on the software.

For you as a customs businessman, of course, you must have this one feature. Because this feature will record from login to report activities. So you can track if there are problems with the system.

Actually there are still many requirements that you must fulfill if your company wants to use the IT Inventory category A system. Therefore you must know it at the right agency, one of which is PT. Sistem Anugrah Prima.

Why use SAP B1 System?

A smart system specifically designed for the Manufacturing Industry, as a form of high-quality long-term investment by fulfilling the ideals of Industrial businessmen in the country, which is required by the BEA CUKAI Bonded Zone Industry.

Not only that, SAP Business One has features that can be developed with quality technology, which prioritizes facilitating factory / industrial operations, especially Inventory, Production, Finance, Warehouse and others with the right level of data accuracy, secure and realtime.


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