What is the SAP Database Migration Factory Program?

The SAP Database Migration Factory Program is a global initiative from SAP which can help customers with a more optimal architecture. SAP also helps your company to carry out cross-platform integration, manage modernization risks and carry out end-to-end migration strategies.

This SAP program will help companies achieve modernization and carry out digital-based transformation. When transforming in this digital era, companies will find it difficult for various reasons. For example, complexity, risk to the business, evaluation of the business value of skills, resources and technology selection. With the presence of the SAP Database Migration Factory Program, this will help companies migrate and modernize their enterprise data platform to SAP HANA in all solution areas.


Which is offered

There are many things offered by the SAP Database Migration Factory Program, all of which will benefit companies such as the following:

1. Risk Free Migration

The first is to offer risk-free migration. This knowledge factory will help customers with reusable assets such as templates, collection and sharing of experiences, customer migration learning across regions. Apart from that, this POC or prototype can show the main innovations, the feasibility of migrating to SAP HANA.

With this automated tool, you as a partner can make automation more optimal. You can reduce manual methods or efforts. This advanced SQL migration tool from SAP will make it easier for you to migrate custom applications from third-party databases to SAP databases. This tool will convert SQL queries, stored procedures and database schemas to reduce the complexity, effort and risk of application migration.

2. Business and Economic Value

What can be obtained by implementing the SAP Database Migration Factory Program is value or TCO or ROI which can provide much better economic value and benefits.

3. Planning Optimal Database Migration

With SAP database migration, companies can implement a more optimal architecture. Companies can take advantage of the main innovations and capabilities of SAP HANA which not only provide lifting and moving migration. SAP HANA can also reduce and manage migration risks at all data and database migration locations. Companies can make application improvements or ensure consistent functionality and superior performance.

Benefits and Advantages

There are several benefits and advantages offered by the SAP Database Migration Factory Program, such as the following:

1. Can be trusted

This SAP Database Migration Factory Program can be a trusted program or advisor for customers. With SAP, this migration data will provide insight to customers to understand the value, ROI, total cost of ownership of various services and products.

2. Providing Maximum Support and Main Features

Companies can share experiences, best practices and previous interactions with new customers to ensure implementation is smooth and delivers important features.

3. Supports Fast and Effective Migration

SAP Database Migration Factory This program will accelerate SAP database migration with migration automation and even SAP and partner accelerators. It is also easier for companies to share their migration experiences.