Why is SAP Business One Widely Used? Check out the reasons

Why is SAP Business One widely used? – SAP Business One is an application that has helped many companies in 170 countries. One of them is Indonesia. SAP Business One is often called SAP B1. SAP will help you simplify business processes and get information about business.

You can make decisions quickly and accurately which are adjusted to real time information. Apart from that, it also helps you to increase profits from your business. SAP that can reach all business scales is SAP B1, where its application is also very suitable for MSMEs, apart from that, it is also suitable for small to large businesses. The question now is why is SAP Business One widely used? Check out the following explanation:

Able to Full Control Your Business Finances

Finance is a vital thing in business. From these finances, it can be seen whether the business being run is in line with expectations or not. This inaccurate finance means that the data presented is not real time so it cannot be used as a reference for the performance of the business being run.

By using SAP B1, your company will be able to manage and fully control your business finances. SAP has features that you can use to manage your financial operations.

You can also carry out various banking activities such as processing bank statements, making payments and reconciling accounts. SAP Business One also manages cash flow, manages budgets and also makes comparisons between plans and actual finances to find out the condition of your business.

Able to Create Loyal Customers

Why is SAP Business One widely used? One of the most frequently cited reasons is that this software can make customers more loyal. These customers are what keep the wheels of the business turning. Even getting new customers is easier.

SAP B1 makes business sales and customer management better. Software can track all prospects and activities from contact to completed sales. SAP B1 will create, manage and also analyze all marketing activities and many others.

Control More Transparent Distribution and Inventory

SAP B1 is able to provide accurate information related to inbound and outbound deliveries. SAP is also able to carry out inventory and location of goods transparently. You can calculate standard costing, moving average, FIFO and several other methods directly.

It's easy for you to monitor stock, track movements in real time and so on. You can make updates and also check stock in real time. Businesses can easily generate reports quickly and can also display them in various formats on the dashboard. The report is easy for everyone to read and study.

See Business Performance Clearly

You cannot find out the performance of this business directly, but there are several ways you can find out what your business is like. One way is to collect data from various sources. After that, it produces accurate and fast reports. With this fast and precise analysis and report, the company can determine what steps you will take in the future.

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