How to Print Documents in SAP Business One?

Among the major improvements in SAP Business One 10.0, Document Printing allows you to print documents from its various modules in bulk. The business document printing feature allows you to print documents from SAP Business One, or B1, modules such as sales, purchasing, banking, finance, and production.

For example, in the banking module, you can use SAP B1 printing to print transaction details, payment checks, and deposits. Additionally, you can use the Document Printing feature to email documents to your contacts and business partners.

Next, let's discuss how to print documents in batches using SAP B1.

What is Document Printing in SAP B1?

In SAP B1, the Document Printing function is used to print various business documents, bank checks and reports. Why is this printing function necessary? Many organizations spend a lot of valuable time printing documents every day. This function simplifies this process and allows companies to save time and effort.

For example, you can print documents and reports immediately after creating your SAP B1 database. Additionally, you can modify predefined templates for printing according to your business needs. You can also send documents via email or export them as PDF documents.

How to print documents to PDF in SAP B1? You can use the "Export Document" feature to change the default print layout to any supported file format including PDF, Text, Image, MS Word, and more.

Following are some of the additional capabilities provided by SAP B1:

  • SAP B1 tracks the printing status of printed documents. For example, if you have printed a document, it will notify you that this task is complete.

  • SAP B1 can also automatically print documents as soon as they are added.

  • Next, let's discuss how to mass print documents using SAP B1.

How to Print Multiple Documents in SAP B1?

The following are the steps that must be carried out to print several documents in SAP B1:

1. From the SAP B1 main menu, open the module where you want to print the document.

2. From the "Document Printing" section, go to "Selection Criteria" to configure the selection criteria for documents to be printed. Typically, selection criteria include:

·      The type of document to be printed. For example, a purchase order.

·      Date range. For example, the date of the payment check.

·      Serial

·      Printer settings. Available options include "Open Only" documents or documents that still need to be printed or emailed. You can also select the "Get printer settings from default printing layout" check box. The rest of the printer settings vary according to the current SAP module and document type.

3. Click OK to display a list of documents, in tabular format, that meet your selection criteria.

4. Select the document you want to print or email and then click the "print" or "email" icon in the toolbar provided.

You can print multiple documents on a configured printer. For email, you can send each document separately to each email recipient.

How to print invoices in SAP B1? In the following section, let's take an example of how to print multiple invoices for one business partner.

How to print invoices in SAP B1?

You can use the "Finance & Accounting" module in SAP B1 to print multiple invoices for business partners. Using the “Document Printing” function, select the document type as “A/R Invoice.” Once you enter the selection criteria, you can list the invoices created for posting and their due dates.

For a list of generated invoices, use the "Filter Table" tool and enter the BP Code of the target business partner. Once you have filtered the selection, you can choose to print a final list of invoices.

Next, let's look at document printing improvements in SAP B1 version 10.0.

Improved Document Printing in SAP B1 10.0

Following are some improvements related to document printing in SAP Business One 10.0:

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria in document printing are now enhanced by the type of document to be printed. Based on the selected document type, other fields are also updated. The table below illustrates these changes:


Document Type

Additional Fields

Purchase Orders

BP code (with “From” and “To” fields to specify the code range) Customer Group Vendor Group “Open Only” check box (to show only open purchase orders)

Checks for Payment

Posting Date Range – shows the date range when payment checks were posted. Print Checks with options – “To be Printed” (for printing purpose only), “For Reissue” (to cancel the issued check and print a new check), “Check details only” (to check check remittance details only)Bank Account – to determine the bank account used for printing checks in SAP

User Defined Fields (UDFs)

In the “Form Settings” window, you can now display additional (user-created) UDFs as columns. The UDF varies according to the selected document type.


With the new “Document Printing” functionality in SAP B1, organizations can easily print documents and reports in bulk, saving time and effort. This function allows you to print a wide variety of business documents including invoices, purchase orders, and payment checks.

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