2 Examples of SAP B1 Implementation in Business Companies

To facilitate company operations, companies should use sophisticated technology. Technology that will make company operations more effective and efficient. The form and form of technology that can be utilized by companies is SAP. SAP has many licenses and the most famous is Business One. So far, SAP is famous for only large companies that use it, but not Business One because in fact this software can be used for even small companies. In its implementation, SAP can be used for several company sectors. The following are several examples of SAP Business One implementation in several companies in Indonesia:


Wholesale and Distribution

Using Business One, wholesale and distribution companies will be able to exercise full financial control and clear visibility into purchasing, inventory control, customer service, billing, management and warehouse fulfillment. SAP is also an effective solution for distributors who want to meet their business needs.

For wholesale and distribution businesses, SAP offers mobility solutions in the form of order taking. With the help of this feature, it is possible for companies to be able to enter sales orders with the multi-currency feature and can also handle transactions per project. The order will automatically be sent to SAP and then used as a draft sales order for approval. Apart from that, with Business One, the company will have customer master data where it can enter and update the customer master by looking at the history of sales orders that have been made, the status of sales orders that will be sent to customers and also invoices per customer.

The SAP feature that wholesale and distribution companies can take advantage of is promotions where companies will be able to see in real time what areas of sales are increasing. With this data, companies will be able to maximize promotions and sales of goods that are most in demand by consumers.

Features that can be utilized include approval transactions and also warnings. By using this feature, companies will be able to manage authorization in SAP and Android. SAP can also make customer invoice payments where the company will be required to handle trade receivable invoices that have been billed to customers. By using this feature the company will be able to display a list of overdue invoices that have been collected by sales during customer visits according to the route.


Textile and Clothing Business Company

Not only wholesalers and distribution can implement SAP Business One, but companies working in the textile and clothing sector can also take advantage of this SAP software or application. By using SAP, textile companies will be able to monitor machines and control production and so on. In this textile and clothing company, the main business segments are in textile production, finishing, processing, improving tennis textiles and also household furniture. Apart from having complete functions, SAP also has the ability to connect to machines and can be used to collect data according to needs. With this feature, companies will be able to get accurate information about how much money is really needed and avoid inflated production costs.


Select the SAP Module According to Your Needs

So that the software has good performance, it is better if the company chooses a module that is tailored to the company's needs. Several SAP modules to choose from are administration, finance, sales opportunities, sales, MRP, production, service management, and many others. This module requires training for a period of time determined by the SAP vendor.

These are some examples of SAP Business One implementation in several companies that are interesting to look at, I hope this information is useful. For more detailed information about SAP Business One "CLICK HERE" for a FREE consultation!