Benefits and Advantages of SAP HANA

SAP HANA is a comprehensive platform that combines a powerful database with services to create innovative applications. This enables business processes to function in real-time by combining transactions and analysis on a single in-memory database. Running on-premise or on-cloud, SAP with HANA untangles IT complexity and runs in-memory computing, bringing major savings in data management and empowering decision makers everywhere with new insights and predictive power.

Why use SAP HANA?

The intended use

·         Speed response and analysis while simplifying IT

·         Obtain and integrate data from multiple sources to increase visibility

·         Creating new insights to help interested people work smarter

·         Ride the wave of change in the future with innovative new applications

·         Maintain security and business continuity

Benefits of Use

·         Speed up data processing to gain insights and determine actions in real-time

·         Gain insights from complex data sets and ongoing transactions without compromising data privacy

·         Improve business processes and create innovative applications

·         Get fast business movement while simplifying IT

SAP HANA is one of the first data management platforms to handle transactions and analytics in memory on a single data set. It brings together the database of the future with advanced analytical processing and capabilities for application development, data integration, and data quality.