Authorization User to View Price after Discount

Not all employees can have permission to view price information on the Inventory Posting List due to company security reasons. So how do we only give access to certain users? Can it?

Certainly can! SAP Business One has a special authorization function to determine which users can see prices after discounts on the Inventory Posting List.

To authorize users to see prices after discounts on the Inventory Posting List, follow these steps:

1.   On the SAP Business One main menu, select the System Initialization > Authorizations > General Authorizations menu.

2.   The Authorizations menu will appear.

3.  On the Users tab, select the user whose authorization will be set so that they can see the price after the discount on the Inventory Posting List.

4.   In the subject column, select Inventory > Inventory Reports > Inventory Posting List.

5.   Authorization is separated into 3 parts, namely Purchasing, Sales and Inventory documents.

6.   Set the authorization to “Full Authorization” in the document where you want to display the price after the discount. In this example, the user is authorized to view prices after discounts only for Purchasing and Inventory documents.


7.   Click the Update button.