Complete explanation of CLOUD Computing!

What is CLOUD?

"Cloud" is an abbreviation for "cloud computing," and the term refers to tasks and services that are provided or hosted on the internet on a pay-as-you-go basis. People may have long been able to store, operate and manage data over the internet, but cloud computing is a paid service that does all this on a much larger scale.


What is the use of CLOUD?

  • As a storage server or back up server

  • Makes it easier for users to run programs or applications without having to install the application.

  • Providing data security guarantees so that data is not easily corrupted or damaged, technology platform, ISO guarantee.


Who are Amazon and AWS?

Amazon is an American multinational technology company based in Seattle, Washington, that focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. The company is considered one of the Big Four technology companies along with Google, Apple, and Facebook.

AWS (Amazon Web Service) is a collection of Cloud Computing-based services provided by Amazon since 2002. Even though we often know this giant internet company for buying books and songs, now Amazon has added its services in terms of cloud computing infrastructure. .


What is SaaS? What is IaaS?

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) is a Cloud Computing service that utilizes centralized and large-scale computing resources, allowing businesses to purchase computing resources according to demand and needs rather than having to buy hardware directly. The main features of IaaS are scalable, elastic, reliable and automatic. IaaS is completely self-service for accessing and monitoring computers, networks, storage, and other services.


SaaS (Software as a Service) represents the most commonly used option for businesses in the cloud market. SaaS uses the internet to deliver application services to users, where these applications are managed by third-party vendors. The majority of SaaS applications run directly through your web browser, meaning they do not require any downloads or installations on the client side.


Advantages of Cloud Computing?

Easy to access anywhere.

  • CHEAP :The use of cloud computing is very cost effective for hardware allocation. Cloud computing also does not require maintenance and reduces electricity consumption.
  • ECONOMICAL : Another advantage of cloud computing, the existence of a cloud computing system allows companies or agencies to reduce computer infrastructure which requires quite large procurement and maintenance costs.

  • FLEXIBLE: When the data we have is too large, it automatically increases capacity in just a matter of minutes by doing self-provisioning. So there is no need to increase the number of computers.
  • DATA AVAILABILITY: The system used by cloud computing has been designed for high availability, the system is located in a data center which guarantees the availability of electricity, cooling and other things which have become supporting facilities for 24 hours.
  • SCALABILITY: The use of cloud services that provide and offer storage according to user demand, so here users can easily carry out data management to either reduce or reproduce the data that will be stored on the cloud server.

  • SAFE: So there is no need to hesitate to use cloud computing because it is definitely safe and secure as long as you look for a partner who already has an ISO certificate or standardization to guarantee security.


5 things you must pay attention to before using CLOUD

1. Does the SaaS provider have an SLA?

SLA or Service Level Agreement is a key indicator of Saas. So, if your chosen provider does not have an SLA then you have to think twice about choosing that provider.


2. Can the SLA cover?

A formal SLA provides expectations and expectations from both parties regarding the service and performance of certain attributes. Such as availability, operations, service credits, billing, fines and so on. Before entering into the agreement stage, you must research carefully to ensure that the service provider really protects your data.


3. The application meets functional requirements

If you want to choose the right application, first ask the team at your provider. Make sure everything meets your expected needs. Because, the application you choose will also help your company do better. Especially for your company which is still in the developing category.


4. Good reputation of the company

If you want to choose a cloud provider, find out first what the company's reputation is. If you already have a lot of customers, of course you can easily find information. Either through social media or through or even suggestions from your colleagues.


5. Easy integration

An application that you are going to use, you have to make sure that it works well. For example, when you open an application on a desktop PC, what happens when you open it on a mobile phone. Or something else that is an obstacle for your application. So make sure before you choose.

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