Conditions for Obtaining KITE Facilities

As previously mentioned, this policy facility cannot be used by all parties. A company that wants to get this facility must become a KITE Taxpayer.

Overall, the following are the requirements to become a KITE Taxpayer (Ease of Import for Export Purposes) or the requirements for obtaining KITE facilities.

1.    Have a Company Registration Number (NIPER) and industrial business permit.

2.    Has a type of business in the manufacturing sector.

3.    Have proof of ownership valid for at least 3 years for the location that will be used for production activities.

4.    There is a place to store goods and production results.

5.    Using an IT Inventory-based inventory information system for managing goods related to customs documents and can be accessed by the Directorate General of Customs and Excise.

If all the requirements are ready, the Taxpayer can immediately submit an application letter to the head of the Regional Office or Customs and Excise KPU who supervises the location of business activities.


KITE (Ease of Import for Export Purposes) is one of the government's efforts to encourage industrial development and national economic stability. This policy is provided to export-oriented business actors by facilitating the flow of imports of raw materials and providing relief or exemption from import duties. Thus, production capacity and export volume can be increased.

There are two types of KITE facilities, namely exemption facilities and purchase facilities, each of which has a clear legal basis. To obtain KITE facilities, taxpayers need to have the status of KITE taxpayers and meet the requirements as recipients of this policy.

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