Open Item List in SAP Business One

SAP Business One has many features that really help facilitate a business process, one of which is the open item list. This feature has unique capabilities and allows you to quickly access or open transaction documents. This is especially useful in dealing with customer service problems or before a problem escalates.

An example of a case is when a transaction occurs where goods are sent to a shop or warehouse. This of course means you need to create a transaction document such as a Goods Receipt PO (Receipt Document). By using the open item list feature, you can find and access the document quickly. This feature is very helpful in finding, monitoring and managing documents with "Open" status such as Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Goods Receipt POs, Production Orders, Inventory Transfer Requests, Inventory Counting and others. Find out other articles about the Benefits of SAP Business One.

To be able to access this feature in SAP Business One, you can go to the search menu in the menu bar then type "Open Item List". Apart from that, you can access it in the following way:



  • Sales AR > Sales Report > Open Item List
  • Purchasing AP > Purchasing Reports > Open Item List
  • Production > Production Report > Open Item List


Next, select document 1, the type of transaction document you want to display


The data displayed in this report are only documents with open status, as well as documents with partially closed status, for example invoice documents that have not been fully paid or sales order documents that are still partially delivered. Meanwhile, documents with the status Closed or canceled will not be displayed in this feature. There is something special that this feature can automatically save the last document that you are currently investigating.

This feature is very helpful in checking the situation of documents with open status in SAP Business One. The open item list also allows you to view purchase orders that have not yet been received so you can make calls to vendors. With this feature you can also see which customers still haven't paid for their orders and track missing items from your production orders.

The following is an explanation of the Open Item List in SAP Business One. Check out this interesting article about other features in SAP Business One. Stay Tuned