Partial Delivery on SAP Business One

What is Partial Delivery?


Partial Delivery is a partial delivery, where when we carry out Partial Delivery, the document used as the base document will not be lost in SAP. This certainly makes it very easy if we want to send the rest of the goods, we just have to open the document base.

By carrying out this partial delivery, we can also identify the number of remaining items that have not been sent and how many items have been sent/delivered.


Some examples of cases where Partial Delivery can be applied?


1. Often the Customer's Credit Limit reaches the maximum level, so in this case the Merchant can make a Partial Delivery of the available Credit Limit

2. If the customer makes payment via Check Payment or Bank Transfer, the seller can make Partial Delivery and when full payment is received, the seller can continue delivery of the remaining items ordered.


The following is some information contained in Partial Delivery in SAP Business One, including:

  • Order Delivery > Namely the total or number of items ordered based on the Sales Order document
  • Delivered Quality > Number of items that have been delivered
  • Qty to Ship > Remaining items that must be delivered 
  • Open Quality > Remaining items to be sent (not yet processed). The number of items in Open Quantity will always be the same as the number of items in Quantity