Relationship Map in SAP Business One

What is a Relationship Map in SAP B1?

Another advanced feature that SAP Business One has is Relationship Map. Relationship Map is a function that is very helpful, especially in tracking documents or is also commonly used for audit purposes. This Relationship Map helps us see the relationship between documents in the transaction process. This feature also allows us to see the status of transaction documents, whether they have been handled or not. In order for standard connections to be established between documents, users need to use the 'Copy To' and 'Copy From' functions. This Relationship Map will only display connections when an end user creates a target document directly from an existing document.


You can use Relationship Map to visualize relationships between business objects in SAP, for example:

  • Chain of documents in sales and purchases

  • Sales or purchasing documents and related postings, such as journal entries or internal reconciliations

  • Sales or purchasing documents and payments related to both

  • Landed costs and related items

  • Items and bills of materials

  • Production orders and related items

Sample case :

Edward is on his way where he will meet one of his customers. His customers order a large number of goods from his company. Edward knows that there are several orders and invoices related to the deal. Because the time is quite short and he doesn't really understand the reporting function, he also doesn't want to look at the reporting to check the status of the invoice. Instead, it uses a relationship map to display all documents. related to the agreement and quickly get an overview of the invoices that have been paid through this feature. The following is an overview of the Relationship Map in SAP Business One.


Top left corner: Shows business partners involved in marketing the Document.

Arrows: Shows how each document is connected to each other.

Lock: Shows whether the document is still open or now closed. Note that the large gray circle with a line on it will indicate that the document was Cancelled. The document number is displayed below the lock, followed by the posting date, and finally followed by the number of marketing documents.

Red line in the AR Invoice box: Indicates the remaining amount that still needs to be Paid. Note that if the invoice is paid in full, there will be an icon with a green check mark, displayed next to the key as well as a yellow line at the bottom.


The following is an explanation of the Relationship Map in SAP Business One. Check out this interesting article about other features in SAP Business One. Stay Tuned