SAP Business One Bandung Indonesia | Get to Know SAP B1

What is SAP Business One?

SAP Business One is an integrated solution for enterprise resource planning (ERP) developed by SAP SE, one of the world's leading developers of ERP applications. Designed for micro, small, medium, and larger businesses, SAP Business One incorporates more than 40 years of SAP experience in ERP software development, adapting standardized business processes from thousands of companies around the world into its platform.

SAP Business One Key Features - SAP Business One includes a variety of important features, including:

1. Sales

2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

3. Procurement

4. Inventory Management

5. Accounting

6. Banking Modules

7. Project Management

8. Production Process

Data integration through this ERP makes it easier for entrepreneurs to manage and grow their business. With the support of SAP's HANA Database technology, SAP Business One is even stronger because of its ability to integrate with the Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, and artificial intelligence (AI), allowing business processes to run automatically (Industry 4.0).


The Advantages of SAP Business One - Why Should You Choose SAP Business One?

1. Affordable solution for micro-enterprises to medium to large businesses.

2. Well integrated across all parts of the company, enabling real-time reports for quick decision making.

3. Easy to use, both for micro business owners and medium to large businesses.

4. Supports transformation towards Industry 4.0, ensuring businesses stay relevant with technological developments.


SAP Business One Implementation

There are two ways to implement SAP Business One:

1. SAP Business One On Premise: The customer purchases a software license permanently and installs it on an internal server.

2. SAP Business One On Cloud: The customer rents the software license and does not need to handle the server infrastructure themselves.


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SAP Business One License Type

Access to SAP Business One requires a license that suits the user's needs. License types include:

1. Professional Users: Opens access to all SAP Business One modules.

2. Limited User: Provides limited access in accordance with user authorization.

3. Mobile User: Allows access through the provided mobile application.

4. Indirect Users: Used through a third-party application.


SAP Business One Price

SAP Business One prices vary depending on the industry and its complexity. PT Sistem Anugrah Prima offers implementation packages according to industry fields, easing the implementation process and reducing costs.

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