Why is it Important to Choose SAP Gold Partner Services in Indonesia?

For entrepreneurs in Indonesia who are engaged in the startup world and want to grow their business, adopting services from SAP Gold Partner is a highly recommended step. Why is that? Let's talk together about the concept of SAP and the benefits of becoming a Gold Partner partner in Indonesia in this article!

What is SAP Actually?

For those who are not familiar, SAP stands for System Analysis and Program Development. These are systems and programs designed to meet business needs. In simpler terms, SAP is an important software that facilitates the management of various aspects in large companies.

For those who dream of building a large and complex business entity, SAP is a very useful solution. With business solutions such as SAP BI (Business Intelligence), SEM (Strategic Enterprise Management), and SCM (Supply Chain Management), you can manage your company more effectively.

Utilizing these types of software will enable more efficient management, especially in large-scale companies that are difficult to monitor directly. Therefore, understanding and implementing SAP software is a must for those who are serious about developing their business.


What is SAP Gold Partner Indonesia?

As we consider the importance of SAP, it is also important to understand what it means for an SAP service provider to have Gold Partner status in Indonesia. This indicates that the SAP service provider has obtained high accreditation that is recognized internationally.


Similar to choosing an auditor, there are certain standards that determine the quality of an audit firm. If you use an auditor service with low standards, the audit results you receive may only be recognized locally. To ensure high quality, it is important to use service providers with equivalent standards. This also applies to the selection of SAP partners.


As we know, SAP stands for System Analysis and Program Development. Therefore, this SAP partner will guide you in implementing this system in your business, from using the software to optimizing it.

SAP software license fees are often included in the service fees you pay to the provider. While you may be able to purchase the SAP software license separately at a lower price, it is advisable to choose to pay for the license that comes with the service. Given the complexity of SAP, a deep understanding may be hard to come by for those who are not experts in the field.


To ensure you get quality instruction, it's important to choose a trusted service provider. By choosing an SAP partner that has Gold Partner status, you can usually be assured of the quality of service you receive. However, keep in mind that these services can be expensive, especially if the provider is from overseas. Therefore, make sure to check the standards of the service provider before you decide to use their services.

In choosing an SAP Gold Partner, you can check the certifications held by the service provider you want to use. These certifications will help you determine whether the provider meets the standards that suit your needs.


Important Reasons to Use SAP

From the discussion above, it is clear that using SAP offers many benefits, from the ease of managing company infrastructure to the ability to monitor and manage various aspects of the business.

However, having SAP is not enough; using the services of an SAP Partner is also very important. Here are some reasons why choosing an SAP partner with Gold Partner status is often a wise choice:

1. Higher Reliability

By choosing an SAP service provider that has Gold Partner status in Indonesia, you can be sure that the standard of service you receive will be higher. As a user, you will feel more confident in your partner's ability to carry out the tasks assigned.

Usually, SAP consultants can only provide training and teaching. However, partners who have Gold Partner status in Indonesia can also be a valuable source of consultation after the training process is complete. The ability to get direction when dealing with complex situations is invaluable.

SAP installation and implementation costs can be substantial, therefore choosing the right partner is critical. In this case, it is better to choose a service provider that can provide the SAP Business One package. This software package is one of the most commonly used and easier to implement.

Although the SAP Business One license fee may be high, it is worth the quality you receive. By using an SAP partner with Gold Partner status, you can access this software and get more in-depth teaching. It's safe to say that the expenditure you make is worth the benefits for your company.


2. Better Service

There are many SAP service providers in the market. However, when looking for the best one, it is important to pay attention to the quality of services offered. Service providers that have Gold Partner status in Indonesia usually offer more services than those that do not.

You can see if they offer comprehensive program packages or not. Packages like SAP Business One ensure that companies can monitor all aspects of the business in one integrated package. Usually, packages like this are only offered by service providers that have high quality.

Providers that are not yet standardized may only offer SAP programs separately. This may result in a less optimal service compared to getting the whole program package.


3. Wider Recognition of Certifications

Companies that want to operate internationally need a reliable SAP consultant. By obtaining certification from such consultants, the company's status will be more respected. Companies that meet certain standards can apply for various licenses and can establish more cooperation with other parties.

Imagine if your company operates in the export and import business. To be able to export goods overseas, the company must meet the applicable export standards. The same applies to company management. The standards may differ in the context of their application. For example, for exports, the quality of goods must comply with the standards of the destination country. As for management, at least the company must use the best accounting software.


Are You Interested?

From the explanation above, it is clear that SAP is a must for those who want to manage the company more efficiently. Starting from managing raw materials, production, employee management, to monitoring management flow, everything can be done more easily using the SAP program. However, due to its complexity, it is highly recommended to use the services of a trusted SAP consultant!

Those are some important reasons for choosing an SAP service provider with Gold Partner status in Indonesia. However, keep in mind that this article only explores a small part of the complexity of using software for company management. SAP is indeed a crucial thing, but understanding it is not easy for those who are not experienced in this field.

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